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Beautipharm®: Feel the Endless Summer on Your Skin.

08.02.2021 By Verena Eckstein
Beautipharm®: Feel the Endless Summer on Your Skin.

Verena Eckstein talks about the creation of the new body care line Beautipharm®.

Tell me about Beautipharm®, how is it inspired by California?

I live in SoCal and it’s so easy to enjoy nature here – California’s a really special place in that it has beautiful scenery and great plant diversity, so whether you’re taking a nice stroll on the beach, exploring the desert or hiking through the mountains, it’s hard not to be amazed at the landscapes, soak in all the sensations, and have that happy summer-like feeling. With Beautipharm®, we wanted to capture and encapsulate that iconic California endless summer energy.

Not only is there gorgeous scenery, California’s climate allows a lot of beautiful plants and botanicals to be grown here- whether its native jojoba, agave, or the many citrus and other fruit trees – all of which were an inspiration for Beautipharm®. There were so many citrus trees where I lived growing up, I think that’s when my mom’s and I love affair with the smell of citrus started. We love it so much it’s actually the signature scent for Beautipharm®.

So, being in nature and being connected to nature played a big role in the creation of Beautipharm®?

Yeah. Another aspect is that being in nature and getting exercise outdoors in the fresh air is so fun, and good for you! For anyone that enjoys being active or outdoors, no one wants sticky or uncomfortable formulations, dry or cracked skin or heavily perfumed products. After a day out in the sun, salt water, sweat – skin needs the proper care.

From a skin-friendly shower gel, to a light but nourishing body cream. All ages, all genders, can enjoy these products and hopefully have them make life just a little bit easier. For Beautipharm® the goal was simple – to take the sensory experience of California, and create high-quality, straightforward skin care for everyone.

Talking about high-quality skin care products – even though Beautipharm® is inspired by California, it is still made in Germany, like all Doctor Eckstein Products?

Exactly, all Beautipharm® products were formulated and are produced at our company headquarters in Oberasbach, Germany. To have skin care “Made in Germany” means it adheres to strict quality control standards, and regulations. In addition to that, the ingredients used in Beautipharm® are of the highest-quality, and include pharmaceutical grade, certified Ecocert and Organic ingredients. As we have been doing for the past 70 years, the product formulations are completely original & custom formulations made “in-house”, starting with the cream or product base. Relating it to cooking, it’s what you would call “made from scratch”. I’ve been getting samples of these Beautipharm® products for the last couple years and we’ve been perfecting the formulation from the texture, to the scent, to the finished product, and it was lot of fun. I genuinely hope everyone enjoys the products as much as we enjoyed creating them. We wanted something that people can use every day, that’s easy. Whether it’s the playful packaging or the wonderful scent, or how luxurious it makes your skin feel – I hope that in just the tiniest way it can help make people’s lives people’s day a little bit better.

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