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California inspired · German made


California, a special place with stunning landscapes and great plant diversity, is the inspiration for our Beautipharm® products. Whether you’re taking a nice stroll on the beach, exploring the desert or hiking through the mountains, it’s hard not to have that happy California summer-like feeling. Discover our Beautipharm® products made with organic, Ecocert/Cosmos and pharmaceutical grade ingredients.

Body Care

Feel The Endless Summer on Your Skin.

Beautipharm® captures this wonderful sensory experience and gives you your own feeling of summer happiness. Beautipharm® - this is uncomplicated and high-quality body care for every situation, any age and all genders.


Clean & vegan formulations inspired by California‘s diverse landscapes. Combine that with over 70 years‘ experience formulating effective skin care - and there‘s a lot to be happy about.

#People & Skin-Friendly

Beautipharm® is traightforward, high-quality skincare for everyone. There‘s already plenty in life to worry about – your skincare shouldn‘t be one of them. Don‘t worry about sticky formulations, heavily perfumed products, or products that irritate your skin. With Beautipharm®, we‘ve got your back- literally.


Take a sensory trip to that feeling of endless summer. Fresh, invigorating scents, luxurious textures, fun packaging. Skin feels oh so soft, and life feels oh so good.

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