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In The Press

Discover what experts and satisfied customers have to say about our holistic skincare solutions. Explore our press coverage and testimonials that reflect our commitment to helping your skincare succeed.

Elle Spirit

FOR FRESH RADIANCE Turmeric has an antioxidant effect. Our skin likes it too. And so it's no wonder that tetrahydrocurcumin, an active ingredient from the turmeric plant, is currently developing into a regenerating "star active ingredient". To find e.g. B. in the pre-aging care “Hydra Silk Turmeric Supreme".

Hydra Silk Turmeric Supreme Night Cream
August 2023
Issue 2, Page 91


[...] orange scent. We just can't get enough of it. Until Christmas. Then comes the tangerine.

Beautipharm® Shower Gel Orange
July 2023
Issue 75, Page 71


FRESHNESS KICK FOR TIRED SKIN [...] You can see the stress in our complexion. This makes it all the more important to offer the skin a moisturizer rich in active ingredients with the anti-oxidation power of turmeric. The "Hydra Silk Turmeric" pre-aging care with facial balm and facial cream can help the skin regenerate and find its natural balance. A fresh-up even on stressful days!

Hydra Silk Turmeric Balm Day Cream
June 2023
Page 121

Bild Der Frau

The exotic yellow root has long since become a health star in the kitchen. But the skin also benefits, because turmeric is a strong antioxidant that protects against environmental influences. It also has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial effects and stimulates blood circulation. Also recommended for impure skin [...] Moisturizing care with antioxidant power: Doctor Eckstein Hydra Silk Turmeric Balm [...]

Hydra Silk Turmeric Balm Day Cream
June 2023
Issue 24, Page 21


Fresh kick Eckstein has a new star in its range: a light face cream for tired and stressed skin. "Hydra Silk Turmeric Supreme" [...], which replenishes the complexion with antioxidant turmeric and moisturizing agave.

Hydra Silk Turmeric Supreme Night Cream
June 2023
Issue 7, Page 60


COMPLEXION FLAMMERS If your skin looks tired and stressed, it needs an extra dose of TLC. This vegan balm with moisturizing agave extract and antioxidant turmeric gives you new strength and radiance.

June 2023
Issue 12, Page 60



Hydra Silk Turmeric Supreme Night Cream
May 2023
Issue 6, Page 91


VOILE EFFECT products with a silky-smooth texture are quickly absorbed and lie like delicate veils over the skin. Not only does it feel good, it also creates the ideal basis for make-up.

Hydra Silk Turmeric Balm Day Cream
May 2023
Issue 6, Page 84

Cosmetic International

Helps against stressed skin [...] Hydra Silk Turmeric offers active moisturizing care with the antioxidant power of turmeric. Day balm and night cream are two light alternatives to classic anti-aging creams especially for dull, dehydrated skin. Both products are vegan.

Hydra Silk Turmeric Balm Day Cream
April 2023
Issue 4, Page 65

Advice For Women and Families

Moisture Booster – Hyaluronic – […] One gram of hyaluronic acid alone can store up to six liters of water. This keeps our skin supple, appears beautifully plump and youthfully fresh […] Works from the outside: intensively nourishing gel for dry skin: “Doctor Eckstein AC Hyaluron Complex

Active Concentrate Hyaluronic Acid Complex
April 2023
Issue 4, Page 67


[…] Pamper, protect and renew – that is the mission […]

Azulene Cleansing Oil
April 2023
Page 101

The Curvy Magazine

AZULEN: [...] What is that actually? The name azulene is derived from the French term “azur” and refers to the blue color of the substance. It is a crystalline hydrocarbon compound that is initially obtained as an oil from the steam distillation of chamomile flowers. Due to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, it is the ideal care for acute pimples, inflammation or allergic reactions and redness.

Azulene Balm Day Cream
January 2023
Issue 1, Page 57


Yes! Yes! Yes! Cracked nails and cuticles not only look unsightly, they often also hurt. The "Nail & Cuticle Oil" cares for the sensitive area, protects with lanolin and beeswax - and then there is the scent of vanilla and jasmine.

Nail and Cuticle Oil
December 2022
Pages 136


OUR VOICE FROM THE EDITOR Kristina "Thanks to the hyaluronic acid it contains, the skin is instantly plumped up and moisturized. Well tolerated, doesn't burn and can be easily applied under concealer. Thanks to the pumper, the gel can be easily dosed and distributed."

Eye Care Gel
December 2022
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Fit For Fun

Pop star Rihanna is one of the best-known advocates of unisex beauty [...] care that everyone can easily share, saves space at home and in the suitcase [...] Vegan active serum for impure skin - restores balance and helps to prevent impurities.

Active Concentrate Impure Skin Complex
November 2022
Page 46


Many products are quickly forgotten. Our beauty legends, who have been inspiring people for decades, are different [...] Yes, the "Azulene Paste" is a little inconspicuous. Eckstein has not experimented much with the name or packaging since its market launch 70 years ago. It didn't hurt sales [...] Fans outdo each other with comments like "miracle cream" and "goodbye pimples, azulene olé". The secret of the paste's success: an anti-inflammatory formula made from zinc oxide, vitamin B complex and the blue active ingredient azulene, which is obtained from chamomile and guaiac wood oil.

Azulene Paste
November 2022
Pages 122–123