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Skin Care Goals

4-10-100 Guide

As unique as you are, we have a skin care program designed to bring out the natural vitality of your skin. Based on more than 75 years of research and development, we have developed our care guide 4-10-100, which you can use to put together your very own personal care program quickly and easily.


Systematic Skincare Goals

The guide provides maximum flexibility making it possible to quickly and easily find products that are ideal for a specific care goal or skin condition.

4 Skin Care Goals

Your care goal reflects your skin aspirations, guiding product selection tailored to your specific skin condition.

10 Skin Conditions

With a clear skincare goal in mind, assess your skin condition to guide the development of your personalized regimen.

100 + Product Solutions

Your skin condition will guide you to a personalized skincare regimen, curated from our extensive collection of 100+ products designed for all ages and concerns.

4 Care Goals

Find Your Goal, Assess Your Condition, Unlock Your Regimen.

Find the perfect care for your skin. Start by choosing your skin care goal here, and then we will guide your regimen with products that are optimally tailored to your skin needs.

Healthy Balance

Young, normal or dry skin.

Sensitive Balance

Delicate or sensitive skin.

Clear Balance

Combination, impure or oily skin.

Beautiful Aging

Demanding or mature skin.