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Biocompatible Care

Expertly Comprehending Your Skin

We understand healthy skin at its core and what it needs to function at its best. In order to optimally support the vital functions of the skin, we only use biocompatible ingredients. These are components that occur naturally in the body, are biochemically closely related to the body's own substances or mimic their functions so well that the skin does not notice the difference. These ingredients are best compatible with the skin, and is why we don't use mineral oils, silicone oils, and artificial colors in our products.

Research Proven Ingredients

Science-Driven Formulations

Pharmaceutical research has always been at the core of our product development. Our innovative use of research-proven ingredients in our original formulations sets us apart. At Doctor Eckstein we use the best ingredients from nature and science, a combination of natural plant extracts, such as chamomile and witch hazel, vitamins and lipids, as well as high-tech, sustainable ingredients such as peptides, liposomes and plant stem cell extracts.

It is also crucial that our ingredients are high-quality, pure, and effective. To assess this, our research is based on the latest findings from dermatological studies, pharmaceutical research and life sciences.

Product Packaging

Our packaging is made of a combination of highly recyclable: glass, non-hazardous plastic, and paper, a decision we conscientiously make. We use FSC certified paper for our outer folding boxes, work with regional printers, and predominantly use regional glass and plastic manufacturers. By choosing regional partners in Germany, we help ensure that our materials are socially responsible, environmentally friendly and economically produced.


In Harmony with People and the Earth

At Doctor Eckstein® biocompatible means “in harmony” with the skin. It also means "in harmony" with the environment to the greatest extent possible. We have a 360 degree sustainability approach, encompassing social, economic and environmental sustainability.

Regional Partners

Many of our partners which provide us with ingredients, packaging materials, machines and supported services are regional and in close proximity to our headquarters in Oberasbach, Germany. This is important to us, as not only is it positive in regards to environmental sustainability, but also economic and social sustainability by supporting the regional economy.

Responsible Strategies

If processes, machines, packaging materials or ingredients are identified as unsustainable – such as naturally occurring vitamins or bisabolol– we seek planet and community friendly alternatives. 

No Animal Testing

We have never tested our products on animals, and we also do not offer our products in countries that require animal testing for market approval.

A Community of over 10,000+ Professionals

At Doctor Eckstein® we rely on 75 years of experience including meticulous ingredient sourcing, scientific product development, and rigorous testing for skin- compatibility and effectiveness. In the end, it is our customers – both professional estheticians and informed consumers – who decide if our products hold up under scrutiny.  With a network of 10,000+ professionals worldwide relying on our products in their businesses, and a strong and continuously growing base of loyal customers using Doctor Eckstein® at home, we couldn’t ask for more meaningful validation.