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Turmeric: The Skin Superfood

Light, refreshing day balm for dehydrated, tired and stressed skin.

Azulene, The Skin Care Secret

Its powerful soothing properties promotes balance, and reveals a revitalized, radiant complexion.

From our family to your skin

Since 1949 our family has been dedicated to creating the best, most authentic skin care products, to bring out the natural health of your skin.

Vegan Philosophy

Experience our ethical vegan products, carefully crafted without animal-derived ingredients. Nourish your skin guilt-free and embrace a compassionate skincare routine.

A Doctor Eckstein Specialty

Gel concentrate for the care of combination skin, oily and blemished skin.

Precision Eye Care

Helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, enhances moisture retention, soothes, and cools.

Doctor Eckstein

High-Quality Skin Care, Made In Germany

Experience the timeless essence of our indie skin care, where family tradition meets innovation. Since 1949, we’ve created a skin care company dedicated to restoring and maintaining happy, heathy-looking skin. By combining the best of science with nature, we produce skin care solutions for every skin condition.

Skin-Happy Care

We are committed to only using biocompatible ingredients, that work in harmony with the skin and support the skin's natural functions.

Esthetician Recommended

Our science-driven formulations are trusted by thousands of estheticians worldwide.

Lab Tested "Excellent"

We test our products extensively to ensure skin compatibility. Dermatologically tested by Dermatest, our products receive the highest rating-score possible.

Skin Care Goals

Goal-Focused Skincare Formulas

Based on almost 75 years of research and development, our care guide 4-10-100, is designed so you can put together your very own personal care program with ease.

Healthy Balance

Focused on three skin conditions, young skin, normal skin and dry skin.

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Sensitive Balance

Focused on two skin conditions, delicate skin and sensitive skin

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Clear Balance

Focused on three skin conditions, combination skin, impure skin and oily skin.

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Beautiful Aging

Focused on two skin conditions, demanding skin and mature skin.

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Personalized Routine, Happy Skin

A regimen plays an essential role for skin health by helping address concerns, and achieving optimal results. Our product lines target specific concerns, provide nourishment, and increase vitality of your unique skin.


Prep For Your Best Skin

Explore the first step in your skincare regimen: cleansing. Unveil the optimal cleanser, tailored to address your distinct needs, rejuvenating and elevating the skin complexion.

Since 1949

Sustainable As An Ethos

At Doctor Eckstein, we proudly prioritize social, economic and environmental sustainability. Join us in making conscious buying choices that positively impact both your skin and the environment.

Biocompatible Care

In Harmony With Nature

In order to optimally support the vital functions of the skin, we only use biocompatible ingredients. These are components that occur naturally in the body, are biochemically closely related to the body's own substances or mimic their functions so well that the skin does not notice the difference. 

Since 1949

Doctor Eckstein, Pioneers in Advanced Skincare

Leveraging generations of expertise, our advanced skincare uses pioneering research and breakthrough formulations. Experience exceptional results and unveil your best skin with our innovative solutions.

An Indie Brand, Since 1949

As an independent, family-owned and operated company, our only focus is making sure you have happy skin. We personally lead all essential steps from research and development to finished product.

Science-Driven Formulas

Pharmaceutical research has always been at the core of our product development.  Our innovative use of research-proven ingredients in our original, unique formulations sets us apart.

Made In Germany

From our dedicated research and development team, to our manufacturing facility in the lush region of Oberasbach, Germany, we embrace the highest standards in the skincare industry. This includes not only a committed focus on quality, but also sustainability.

Biocompatible with Targeted Ingredients

We understand healthy skin at its core and what it needs to function at its best. That includes using targeted ingredients that are high-quality, pure, and biocompatible. Our skin-friendly formulas are dermatologically lab tested.

The Eckstein Family

Iris Eckstein (left) along with her children Verena (top) and Michael (right) lead the business in its third generation.

In the press

Advice For Women and Families

Moisture Booster – Hyaluronic – […] One gram of hyaluronic acid alone can store up to six liters of water. This keeps our skin supple, appears beautifully plump and youthfully fresh […] Works from the outside: intensively nourishing gel for dry skin: “Doctor Eckstein AC Hyaluron Complex

Active Concentrate Hyaluronic Acid Complex
April 2023
Issue 4, Page 67

Bild Der Frau

The exotic yellow root has long since become a health star in the kitchen. But the skin also benefits, because turmeric is a strong antioxidant that protects against environmental influences. It also has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial effects and stimulates blood circulation. Also recommended for impure skin [...] Moisturizing care with antioxidant power: Doctor Eckstein Hydra Silk Turmeric Balm [...]

Hydra Silk Turmeric Balm Day Cream
June 2023
Issue 24, Page 21

Cosmetic International

Helps against stressed skin [...] Hydra Silk Turmeric offers active moisturizing care with the antioxidant power of turmeric. Day balm and night cream are two light alternatives to classic anti-aging creams especially for dull, dehydrated skin. Both products are vegan.

Hydra Silk Turmeric Balm Day Cream
April 2023
Issue 4, Page 65


[…] Pamper, protect and renew – that is the mission […]

Azulene Cleansing Oil
April 2023
Page 101


VOILE EFFECT products with a silky-smooth texture are quickly absorbed and lie like delicate veils over the skin. Not only does it feel good, it also creates the ideal basis for make-up.

Hydra Silk Turmeric Balm Day Cream
May 2023
Issue 6, Page 84

Elle Spirit

FOR FRESH RADIANCE Turmeric has an antioxidant effect. Our skin likes it too. And so it's no wonder that tetrahydrocurcumin, an active ingredient from the turmeric plant, is currently developing into a regenerating "star active ingredient". To find e.g. B. in the pre-aging care “Hydra Silk Turmeric Supreme".

Hydra Silk Turmeric Supreme Night Cream
August 2023
Issue 2, Page 91



Hydra Silk Turmeric Supreme Night Cream
May 2023
Issue 6, Page 91

Fit For Fun

Pop star Rihanna is one of the best-known advocates of unisex beauty [...] care that everyone can easily share, saves space at home and in the suitcase [...] Vegan active serum for impure skin - restores balance and helps to prevent impurities.

Active Concentrate Impure Skin Complex
November 2022
Page 46