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From the Jar to the Tube

02.16.2021 By Verena Eckstein
From the Jar to the Tube
In 2021, one facial pack after the other will move from a jar to a tube.

The new jar will make it easier for our customers to dispense the product. And there are even more perks: by switching from jars and folding boxes to tubes, we will save ~88% material per product packaging. One more step to be even more environmentally friendly!

The new packaging also brings a pop of color: each pack’s packaging is in the color of its Skin Care Goal: apricot-orange for HEALTHY BALANCE, seagreen-blue for SENSITIVE BALANCE, slate-gray for CLEAR BALANCE and plum-purple for BEAUTIFUL AGING.

So if an extra dose of care is needed, a facial pack is a beneficial addition to the daily skin care ritual. Depending on the skin condition and skin type, they can be used once a week or more often if needed.

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