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Radiant, Refreshed Eyes!

11.16.2020 By Verena Eckstein
Radiant, Refreshed Eyes!

Now here they are: our two new eye care products EYE & LIP CONTOUR CREME FLUID and EYE CARE GEL.

One of them is even multifunctional, for the eyes and lips! With new formulations and precisely defined benefits they replace our previous Eye Care SUPREME products. Together with our star product ULTIMATE SUPREME HYALURON EYE ROLLON they form a strong trio in terms of fresh, bright eyes!

What changes in the eye care range?

The three previous products EYE CREME SUPREME, EYE BALM SUPREME and EYE GEL SUPREME have been replaced by two new products whose formulations differ significantly in texture and active ingredient composition. EYE & LIP CONTOUR CREME FLUID focuses on protection and regeneration, while EYE CARE GEL focuses on moisturizing and vitalizing. Both have a light consistency.


Focused on protection and regeneration.



Focused on moisturizing and vitalizing.


Eyes & Lips

The skin around the eyes and lips have a lot in common: the skin is particularly thin and constantly in motion. Eyes blink and the lips move when laughing, talking or chewing. In addition, there are external stresses such as UV radiation, dryness, wind and weather.

Unlike the rest of the facial skin, the skin around the eyes and lips cannot protect itself adequately. This is because the eye area has very few sebaceous glands that could build up a protective lipid layer, and the skin around the lips has no sebaceous glands at all. The skin around the lips is also delicate and tends to form wrinkles prematurely.

This is why a 2-in-1 care product for eyes and lips makes much sense!

The area around the eyes

The skin around the eyes is thinner and contains fewer sebaceous glands, making it more susceptible to dryness, sensitivities and wrinkles. In addition to this, the connective tissue under the lower lids tends to store water and form bags under the eyes.

An extra intensive care for the eyes should therefore always be part of the daily care routine.

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