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Two Doctor Eckstein Icons with New Urban Formulations

04.16.2020 By Verena Eckstein
Two Doctor Eckstein Icons with New Urban Formulations

Inspired by life, made for life: Iris Eckstein on the latest innovation.

What made you decide to replace two Active Concentrates with new ones?

Our product development is inspired by life. So we decided to adapt two classics, the first version of which was launched almost 30 years ago, to today's requirements. For example, with an increasingly active and urban lifestyle, antioxidants have become in­ creasingly important - not only in nutrition, but also in skin care. Therefore, the new formulation of AC ESCIN LIPOSOME COMPLEX now contains escin, rutin and caffeine.

In addition to this, the new vegan hyaluronic acid - silk complex inspired us. The combination of a skin refining component, i.e. fruit acid salts, and moisturizing factors such as hyaluronic acid and silk seemed ideal for the new product AC SILK AHA LIPOSOME COMPLEX. The two predecessor products contained encapsulated moisturizing factors. We took this original product idea and improved it with a new technology.

What are the most important innovations?

We developed the two new concentra­tes in such a way that they differ significantly in terms of product performance. AC SILK AHA LIPOSOME COMPLEX focuses on skin refinement and smoothing. lt is therefore primarily a Beautiful Aging product, which is also suitable for a Clear Balance skin care program. Scaly cornified cells are loosened by the skin refining components.

AC ESCIN LIPOSOME COMPLEX, on the other hand, is geared towards anti-aging care to help protect against premature skin aging. lt is great for mature, demanding skin with the care goal of Beautiful Aging. Because of its antioxidant effect, it is also the ideal secret weapon for normal and youthful skin that is exposed to many stressors.

Which technology do you consider to be particularly remarkable?

A completely new and, in our view, promising process is the biotechnological extraction of silk proteins. What we use in AC SILK AHA LIPOSOME COMPLEX is a soluble, polymeric, vegan silk protein. These are properties that spider silk does not possess naturally, but which are necessary for our product: The protein has a structural similarity with the skin and adheres excellently to its surface.

But you stayed with liposomes?

Yes, absolutely! From a skin physiological point of view, liposome technology offers great possibilities to encapsulate active ingredients, to improve the skin's receptivity and thus to achieve very different effects. Therefore, encapsulated lactates (fruit acid salts) have a skin refining effect in AC SILK AHA LIPOSOME COMPLEX and encapsulated caffeine has an antioxidative effect in ESCIN LIPOSOME COMPLEX. The products can also be used locally in a targeted way, as intensive care.

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