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Verena Eckstein's Blog

Is your winter skin sensitive?

12.20.2021 By Verena Eckstein
Is your winter skin sensitive?

Winter is here, and your skin isn't happy about it? What was not an issue in the summer torments your skin now all the more: your skin is suddenly super dry, tight, reddened, and itchy. If your skin is sensitive in winter, it can become very uncomfortable, and it is a sign that the protective skin barrier is out of balance.

The reasons for this are diverse. But it usually happens when the skin is already challenged, for example, by air pollution or intense sunlight. Lifestyle can also harm your skin: little sleep, alcohol and cigarettes, unhealthy food, stressful everyday life. And then there are the care products. Did you know: These should always be selected according to skin and season. Some soaps and toners, for example, dry out the skin and, through this, damage the skin barrier. If the cold and dry heating air in winter join in, it is no surprise that the skin's natural protective mantle can go on strike.

How can you bring your sensitive winter skin back into balance?

Once the skin is out of balance, under ideal conditions, it needs a whole day to recover and rebuild its natural protective layer. It is unprotected during this time, and even pure water can lead to further irritation. Unless you support the skin in its regeneration with the right care products.

What to look out for now:

Gentle cleansing. Avoid aggressive soaps and rely on cleaning products such as gentle gels or moisturizing oils that do not attack the skin's natural moisture barrier. It is also great for your sensitive skin if you remove the cleansing product with a damp, lukewarm washing glove or sponge instead of running hot water.


Limited cleansing. If this is part of your daily routine - you'd better avoid it now: cleansing your facial skin in the morning. Instead, just leave out the cleansing product and refresh your skin with a toner that is ideally characterized by skin-strengthening and skin-soothing ingredients such as beta-glucans. 


Not just any cream. If your winter skin shows irritation, I recommend using care products that contain sterols. These strengthen the natural skin barrier. And glycerin, which keeps the moisture in the skin. Also, beta-glucans (I already mentioned it), allantoin, bisabolol, and panthenol are wonderfully suitable for calming your skin and protecting it from winter stress.


Last but not least. Additionally, if your skin does not want to calm down, choose fragrance- and essential oil-free products. These ingredients are not a problem for normal skin, but they can stress sensitive and irritated skin.


You are on the safe side when you use products from experts that have been specially developed for sensitive skin conditions. At Doctor Eckstein®, you can find these products here ► Sensitive skin.


With the proper care, even sensitive winter skin can be a flawless and radiantly beautiful ice princess 

Wishing you happy winter skin, 


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