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Verena Eckstein's Blog

Beta-Glucan in Skincare

08.01.2019 By Verena Eckstein
Beta-Glucan in Skincare

Do you like to eat Asian food? Then you may also appreciate the shiitake mushroom, which is considered the “king of mushrooms” in its homeland of Japan and China due to its high nutrient content and aromatic taste.

In traditional Chinese medicine, some edible mushrooms, including the shiitake mushroom, are also said to have healing properties. The mushroom is used here in particular for colds, menopausal symptoms, circulatory disorders and rheumatism.

Modern research results today provide a deeper insight into the mode of action of this fascinating mushroom: One of the components of the fungus is lentinan, which belongs to the Beta-Glucan group. Various studies have strengthened the evidence that a certain group of beta-glucans, including lentinan, stimulates and strengthens our immune system - both internally and externally. In the skin, for example, these beta-glucans can activate cells that are responsible for the immune system and thus for maintaining the natural protective function of the skin.

Sensitive skin in balance

This is also the reason why Beta-Glucans are ideal for the care of sensitive skin. Sensitive skin gets out of balance faster than other skin types, often reacts to changes in the environment or psychological stress with irritation and redness. Beta-glucans can help protect the skin from these overreactions and maintain its natural balance. Incidentally, Chinese Medicine, which is more than two thousand years old, takes a comparable approach when it comes to the effects of Shiitake: Yang-enhancing properties are attributed to the mushroom, and it is used whenever Ying and Yang are in a healthy balance to be brought.

So if you have sensitive skin, take a look at the ingredients in your skin care products. If you find Beta-Glucan there, you now know that you are in a long healing tradition, which is now also being scientifically confirmed.

Support from the inside

And in order not to neglect the effect "from the inside", here is a little tip from my personal menu: Braise shiitake mushrooms in butter and then caramelize them with honey. An incredibly tasty topping for salads and an extra kick for our immune system when it needs to be a little more active.

Wishing you happy skin,