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Verena Eckstein's Blog

What We Learn: Woman To Woman

06.12.2019 By Verena Eckstein
What We Learn: Woman To Woman

The behavior that we are shown as children in our families has a formative influence on our decisions as young adults. This applies to our eating habits as well as our relationship to sporting activities, our way of maintaining relationships and our handling of personal hygiene.

It is no different with the topic of skincare. As a child - and especially as a girl - we are particularly fascinated by decorative cosmetics. So it usually starts with mom's make-up bags: lipstick, blush, nail polish. We looted it to then stand in front of the mirror as the “Grande Dame”. Just as we saw it with our mother, our older sister or other close caregivers.

Serenity through education

With the onset of puberty, the priorities usually change abruptly. Now many adolescents are struggling with blemishes and pimples and are desperately looking for miracle weapons that will free them from their suffering. Of course, these miracle weapons do not exist. In the worst case, the teens follow advice that can even cause permanent damage to the skin. So how valuable it is if the family already has a clear commitment to a healthy lifestyle and a conscious approach to the needs of the skin.

We women are still a step ahead here. Taking care of yourself, feeling beautiful and comfortable in your own skin - we have cultivated it for centuries, passing on tips and experiences from woman to woman. To daughters, sisters, girlfriends.

It was the same with me and my mother. Of course, skin care is THE topic for us in the family anyway, regardless of whether it is male or female family members. But I, too, oriented myself primarily towards my mother on this topic. When I started to have blemishes, she had the first “Skin Care Talk” with me, so we would say it here in the USA with a wink.

What did I learn then? That I can do a lot to help my skin. With the right care products, the right care routine - and a healthy lifestyle. Understanding that I have a lot in my own hand gave me confidence and a kind of serenity to deal with the topic. Thank you Mama.

Understand what the skin needs

From puberty, it is generally more important to deal with the needs of your own skin so that it can stay naturally beautiful for a lifetime. It is the perfect time to develop a personal care routine that suits your skin type. Impure skin has different needs than dry skin, sensitive skin or skin that is a bit older. Yes, it is also important: what the skin needs changes in the course of life!

Clearly: Even if we women in particular deal very intensively with the topic of skin care, very few of us are skin specialists. So my advice: go to a cosmetic professional at least once in your life and have your skin type determined. So much the better if you do it regularly, because, as I said, your skin condition is subject to change. And pass this tip on to your pubescent kids.

The sooner you know your skin type, the sooner you can choose the right care products. And only these are really good for your skin.

This tip goes from woman to woman and to everyone who wants to give their skin the best possible support to stay healthy and beautiful for a lifetime.

Take care,